Beyoncé Knowles and Kim Kardashian are reportedly bonding over religion.

The singer’s husband Jay-Z and Kim’s boyfriend Kanye West are good friends and have been touring to promote their joint album.

It was initially reported that Beyoncé wasn’t that interested in getting to know Kim, but they have now struck up a firm friendship.

“Beyoncé and Kim are both regular churchgoers with strong Christian backgrounds so no doubt Kanye will have encouraged them to bond over that,” an insider told the British edition of Grazia magazine. “They’ll also be able to swap some exercise tips.”

The pair apparently began to bond after Kanye suggested a joint dinner. Beyoncé then began to realise how much the rapper wanted them to get along.

“When Kanye invited both women out to dinner, Beyoncé decided to give Kim a chance. Kanye’s never been in such a serious relationship and she saw how much it meant to him that they get along,” another insider explained. “It’s unlikely that they’ll be texting each other every day, but Beyoncé doesn’t want a feud.”