Justin Bieber feels ready to “shock” his parents now he is 18.

The Canadian singer found fame several years ago and has been open about how much he respects his mother, Pattie, who raised him on her own. Justin has always been in contact with his father Jeremy, who he’s credited with boosting his interest in music.

Now he’s getting older Justin is ready to strike out on his own more.

“Now I’m 18 and I am a man. But I still obey to my parents, of course. I am not obliged to, I can shock them if I want. If I really want to do something that they didn’t approve I can do it now,” he told website leiweb.it.

Justin has been storming the charts with his new record Believe. The first single from the album, Boyfriend, surprised many as it was much more grown up than the star’s previous material.

The singer’s fans loved it though, with Justin admitting their admiration can get too much at times.

“I think is crazy when people start crying during my concerts as soon as they listen to songs like Believe,” he said. “But at the same time I wrote it to arouse those emotions. Am I sometimes scared of my fans? Some situations are overwhelming. But you get used to. Now I know how to react.”