Ozzy Osbourne insists there"s "no magic formula" to being a rock star.

The Black Sabbath singer has an impressive musical career that spans over 40 years. Ozzy was recently named Kerrang! magazine"s greatest rock star, but the 63-year-old remains humble about his success.

"That"s cracking. I"m very honoured and I"m very flattered and everything, but I"m not very good at taking compliments. I never know what to say," he told the UK publication.

"There"s no magic formula to being a rock star: you either are or you"re not. I try not to think about it all; I just do what I do."

Ozzy thinks being a respected musician isn"t all about vocal talent. He believes keeping crowds amused is the key to gaining admiration from fans.

"I"m not the world"s greatest singer but I like to entertain the audience," he explained in an interview with the magazine. "I"m probably not the right person to ask about how to be a rock star because I"ve never been one of those d**khead guys posing about the place.

"Maybe that"s what people like."