Zooey Deschanel says sincerity is the most important thing in relationships.

The actress is single following her split from Ben Gibbard, who she was married to for two years. Although Zooey insists she’s too busy to even think about dating at the moment, she does know what makes a successful relationship.

“I’m a real romantic and I feel very strongly about a lot of things. Sincerity is what’s most important – living your life with meaning, romance and true, total feeling. I think people are confused by my exuberance at times,” she told Look magazine.

“I tend to be very passionate about the things I love, and very, very enthusiastic. Whatever I’m doing, I try to find the romance in it.”

As well as a successful acting career, Zooey is also in a band called She & Him. The 32-year-old enjoys getting on stage and belting out the group’s tracks, although it can be a nerve-wracking experience.

“I knew I’d end up doing something creative,” she explained. “I was going to either be an actress or a musician. Then, I did both. I love to sing for people. I get nervous. But then it becomes incredibly cathartic. I get very lost in it.”