Rudy Sarzo, who has been playing bass for Blue Oyster Cult for the last five years, has announced that he is leaving the group. Sarzo had joined the group in 2007 to replace Richie Castellano who moved to playing keyboards and guitars.

Sarzo told Ultimate Classic Rock "Due to my scheduling with other projects that I’m doing, it became a little bit hard for me to keep a really solid working schedule with BOC, so we amicably, we just basically parted ways. So they can actually find somebody who can devote more time to the band and I can actually pursue other bands that I’m doing."

The band posted a statement on their website on Sunday announcing that Kasim Sulton would be taking over bass duties for the group:

Next time you see BÖC, you'll notice a new face manning the bass... Kasim Sulton (formerly if Utopia, Meatloaf, Joan Jett) has joined BÖC taking the place of Rudy Sarzo, who has joined popular Japanese band Animetal USA.

Kasim comes with plenty of experience and amazing vocals to add to the mix, along with his own unique bass playing style.

Kasim and BÖC go back a long way--Buck Dharma played on Kasim's 1982 solo record, "Kasim"

and in recent months, Kasim has "subbed" for BÖC a few times when a regular member had other obligations.

Learn more about Kasim by visiting his website:

Sarzo has been a true journeyman over his career, recording with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne (Speak of the Devil), Quite Riot (Mental Health, Condition Critical, Guilty Pleasures), Whitesnake (Slip of the Tounge), M.A.R.S. (Project Driver) and a number of other artists.

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