Last night’s Lil’ Band O’ Gold gig in Melbourne (June 29, 2012) had a special treat when You Am I’s Tim Rogers joined the Louisiana supergroup and performed Led Zeppelin and AC/DC covers.

Rogers is a guest vocalist on the new Lil’ Band O’ Gold album ‘Lil’ Band O’ Gold Plays Fats’, their tribute to Fats Domino. Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant also sings on the album and that in itself was enough to warrant a Louisiana style version of the Led Zeppelin classic ‘Whole Lotta Love’ with Tim on vocals.

Tim Rogers also joined Lil’ Band O’ Gold for the one he did on the album ‘I’m Walking’.

Rogers also got up with Lil’ Band O’ Gold on Thursday at Melbourne’s Regal Ballroom.

C.C. Adcock, Warren Storm and Steve Riley from Lil’ Band O’ Gold visited Watch the interview here.