Way back in 2005, pop rock band Busted, sadly split up at the height of their success. Seven years on, and are very own Dean 'Midas' Maynard, is fighting to get them back together...

Busted, James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson, released their first single, “What I go to school for” in August 2002. With their fresh rocky pop sound and schoolboy looks, the band went on to achieve nine top ten singles, including five number one's (one as part of Band Aid 20) and two triple platinum albums.

They won two Brit Awards and the Record of the Year in 2004, with the single "Thunderbirds Are Go.” At one stage, they also held the record for the most consecutive sold out dates, at Wembley Arena with 11 nights.

Usually a band finishes, once the top 10's turn into top 100's, but Busted liked to do things against the grain. They were still at the top of their game when they decided to bow out, and love or hate them, nine top 10's is a huge achievement.

Rumours in 2010 about a potential Reunion were quickly squashed by Charlie Simpson when he said "I wish Matt and James all the best with their future projects but I want to make it unequivocally clear that I have no interest what-so-ever in re-joining Busted and I never will."

But, during a recent interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post, James Bourne said, that they all met up recently and had a proper conversation.

So at least they are now talking...

So what is my take on it. Well, company executives all said that Robbie Williams would NEVER EVER rejoin Take That. The wounds were too deep and too much had been said. But back he went…They then went on to have a sell out European tour and sold three million albums. Yes I know he then left again, but before he did, he left the fans with memories that they will never forget.

Yes, time and people do move on, but if Busted announced a Reunion, I guarantee tour venues would fill up and the album would fly to the top of the chart. Even a one off, it would give their fans a chance to have a proper send off, not the way it ended in 2005.

Back to the present day. James Bourne's musical 'Loserville' is currently showing at the West Yorkshire Playhouse until 14th July. Matt Willis is playing Fiyero in hit musical Wicked, and Charlie Simpson is currently working on his second solo album, the first getting to number six in August 2011

So Busted, it's over to you...