The betting lines on how long it takes for the reunited Beach Boys to melt down are falling on a weekly basis.

There has been no discord of note between members of the group and the tour appears to be going extremely well; however, Rolling Stone revealed today that Mike Love has been booking shows for the fall for his version of the Beach Boys without the other original members.

One might think that this is just self-preservation on Love's part, but it seems that there may be a bit of a lack of communications between members. For his own part, Brian Wilson told the magazine that "the tour is going great. I'm having a blast. I love watching the Boys on stage. That's Why God Made the Radio charted at Number Three! Can you believe a Number Three album?

"There has been talk of doing more shows with the Boys and possibly a new record, which I would love to do. This reunion is blowing my mind."

So, Wilson, the most reluctant member to the assembling of a reunion, seems to want it to go on but it appears he has not made that a known fact to Mike Love and Bruce Johnston who are part of the October date in Peru.