Keith Urban sometimes cries at “random stuff”.

The musician was talking about his passionate nature and revealed he is occasionally taken by surprise by his tears.

The country singer, who is married to Nicole Kidman and has two daughters with the movie star, admitted that his whole family has a tendency to be emotional.

That means he encounters the occasional tantrum from the three women in his life, although Keith tries to be more in control.

“I don’t swear much, I’ve taken those words out of my vocabulary and having kids you have to have two sets of language!” he told Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O. “I’d like to say they’re all very passionate, as am I. Sometimes I just cry at random stuff!”

Keith also spoke of the possibility of him returning to TV show The Voice Australia as a coach.

For now, recording his new album takes priority.

“I’m not sure… I’d love to do it. My thing is making sure I have an album done which is really what I’m doing next week. I’m going to be in the studio for the next few months and if the record comes together like I hope it does then I’ll definitely be back on,” he said.