Cher is one of the more vocal veteran artists on Twitter, spending time almost nightly talking with fans. On Sunday night, she revealed that a theatrical piece is being written about her life which will also include her music.

The singer said that the show is currently being written with the concept of three separate actresses playing her at different stages in her life, the first from before she met Sonny through the Sonny and Cher years, one after their breakup through the Believe tour and one based on her most recent years. She also revealed that, in the concept for the show, the three different actresses would interact with each other.

Here are the Tweets with names of fans asking questions removed (some questions are cut off due to Twitters 140 character limit):

xxxxx: If u were asked 2 act in a musical which songs were...

Cher: They r writing 1 now!W/3 Chers youngW/Son,after leave& now! They talk 2

Cher: Prod r trying 2 write musical of my life at the moment ! Its very Interesting idea. 3 chers ! 1 right b4 i met son through S&c yrs.1

Cher: Prods. R writing mucial now about my life with my music. There r 3 Chers! 1 b4 i met Son thru S&C yrs. 1 after i left thru Believe tour & 1

Cher: Now!They all 3 talk 2 each other &Sing 2gether!I'm help.2 write cause i was there & know stories that no1 knows but me ! I hope it happens!

xxxxx: is it all based around your music or is it also about your life outside of music too??

Cher: Its musical w/ my music

xxxxx: will it be on broadway or in the movies ???

Cher: Broadway! Its VERY SLOW PROCESS! been working on it quite a while now

xxxxx: u star in the musical...U cud defiantly pull it off (all chers

Cher: I could b old Cher!Shes wise n tells 2 young 1's not 2 fear future

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