Jose Feliciano will finally have the chance to salute his boyhood idol, Elvis Presley, on his new album The Jose Feliciano, out August 7 on Feliciano Enterprise/Select-O-Hit.

Not only did Jose sing the twelve handpicked songs on the album, but he also arranged, played all the instruments and performed all the background vocals. The effort took the singer/guitarist over a year of work in his private studio.

The record came to fruition after Jose made a pilgrimage to Memphis in January 2012, to join in the annual remembrance of Elvis' birth at Graceland. It wasn't his first visit; but it was remarkable. Jose was asked to lead Elvis fans in singing Happy Birthday at the Birthday Cake Celebration.

While at Graceland, Jose was fortunate to meet Elvis' long time friend and confidant, George Klein. George broadcasts his radio program from Graceland and is the Executive Producer of The Jose Feliciano. Jose also met Johnny Phillips, the nephew of the man who first recorded Elvis in 1954.

He now co-owns the company his uncle founded, the legendary Select-O-Hits. He quickly signed Jose and will release the project throughout North America on August 7th. Mr. Phillips adds, "It's an honor to be working with one of the greatest singers, musicians and performers of our time!!"

This CD is the most personally satisfying genre album to date. The King... By Jose Feliciano not only showcases the magic of Feliciano but his genuine appreciation and affection for the undisputed King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

The first single from the album, Always on My Mind, is now available on iTunes.

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