Chris Martin has vowed to keep “chasing” Kanye West.

Chris is impressed with the hip-hop star’s career and would like his band Coldplay to enjoy the same level of success. Although Coldplay formed in the late ‘90s, Chris insists the group are still passionate about making new music.

“There might be an end to our popularity but I think there won’t be an end to our teamness or gangship, camaraderie,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “Also, I’m always looking at Kanye West and he’s moving so fast, doing such amazing work that I want to keep chasing him for a while. I don’t want to give up just yet.”

Chris – who is married to Gwyneth Paltrow – has recalled first starting out in the music industry. The 35-year-old star has quipped that the band had two main aims – to be famous outside the UK and romance a popular Irish pop group.

“Basically, we set out with two goals: to either make it big in America or sleep with the sisters from The Corrs,” Chris laughed.

Coldplay have on their Mylo Xyloto Tour recently. Chris loves being on stage and gets a kick out of hearing the crowd sing his lyrics.

“When everybody is singing Paradise at the moment it makes me feel so alive and happy,” he explained. “There comes a point where you just accept that whatever you do, someone will like or hate it, so it’s extremely liberating.

“We are incredibly blessed that we are — 12 years in — allowed to make whatever we want to make. That’s extraordinary. Even in the film world you can’t do that. Only a few people can do that.”