Kim Kardashian was reportedly gifted 50 bars of white chocolate and two dozen white roses from her beau Kanye West.

The pair have been in the UK on Kanye and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne European tour. While making his way from one performance to the next, the rap superstar gave instructions for his TV beauty girlfriend to receive tip top treatment.

According to British newspaper The Mirror, Kanye bought Kim two dozen white roses and insisted they be cut one inch above the top of the vase because of a “deep hatred of dying flowers drooping”.

Kanye also ordered 50 bars of white chocolate for him and Kim and made sure nine rooms were booked out for their entourages - even though Kim’s make-up team failed to turn up.

“He ordered white roses for Kim but is very particular about how his flowers are displayed. He wanted them fresh and without droop," the insider explained to the publication.

“That evening he purchased two bottles of tequila, two Disaronno [liqueur] and two bottles of vodka. He was very generous though and was dishing out to all his entourage.”

Kanye also splashed his cash when it came to his transport. Despite the 84-mile trip from the north of England to the mid-country, he took a private jet and a Mercedes at a reported cost of £8,000.

"Kanye has a lot of money and isn’t afraid to spend it," the source added. “He wasn’t too enamoured with Doncaster and wanted to get out of the town and into Birmingham as quickly as possible – this meant by jet.”