Kylie Minogue used to have a "full on daydream" that her neighbour was a record producer and instantly signed her up when she was young.

The Australian star has enjoyed an impressive showbiz career and has spent decades in the spotlight. Kylie was always adamant that she'd be a star and even mapped out her imaginary success story at the tender age of seven.

"Well I know I love music. I was the girl daydreamer. I actually had like a full on daydream that my next-door neighbour was a record producer and he would hear me sing. I mean, I'm seven or eight singing into the hairbrush, and doing the Grease manoeuvres," she smiled in an interview with Perez Hilton.

"So I did always love music, and I started learning, went to like rhythm musical class around four, and learnt piano, and violin, and flute. And so music was always around."

Although her mother was supportive of her aspirations to become a performer, Kylie was never unnecessarily pushed.

The 44-year-old star and her sister Dannii are both in the spotlight - and Kylie insists this was completely their choice.

"I can [still] hold the flute, I just can't remember what to do. But my mum was really keen to, not to force us into that kind of thing," she said.

"But just to expose us to that, and see if we liked it, and strangely my sister and I both completely fell into it, and my brother works as a cameraman, so he's on the other side."