Dolly Parton worries talent show stars “blow out” too soon.

The country music star has nothing against artists who get their big break by appearing on shows such as The X Factor or American Idol. However, she is concerned that their careers might not have the longevity of others musicians.

“The way it used to be you started at the bottom and go up the ladder but I’m not sure that’s better than anything else. I always hope the best for them, I always worry about that… once they’ve done that big glow it kinda just dims and they might not get another chance, it’s almost like blowing out too soon. I think real talent and good people who keep their heads straight will do well,” Dolly said.

The singer is happy for people grasping opportunities to achieve their dreams, which is why she won’t dismiss televised singing contests.

Dolly is astounded when she thinks about how the industry has changed since she started out in the ‘60s.

“It’s so totally different now, with all the high-tech stuff and everything’s online now... It’s completely different, it’s got its good sides and bad sides,” she told a UK TV show.