After being harangued on twitter, Lily Allen admits that she’s back in the studio.

Website Popjustice have been tweeting at Allen for an update about any new music. And yesterday Allen tweeted, “@Popjustice you will be pleased to know that i am currently in the fucking studio with @GregKurstin so SHUT UP PETER!”

British writer Caitlin Moran accused Popjustice of bullying Allen, but she responded with, “@caitlinmoran @Popjustice no big deal really, im just throwing shit at the wall and seeing if anything sticks.”

That Greg Kurstin is the same man that co-wrote the single that Pink announced a couple of days back, and also worked on both of Allen’s albums.

It turns out the rumours were true, then.

Allen’s most recent musical output was guesting with Wiz Khalifa on T-Pain’s ‘5 O’Clock’.