will.i.am cried over a letter his mother sent him.

The musician received the mail on Father’s Day this month and was incredibly touched by her words.

The Black Eyed Peas star grew up without his father, but his mother still had the strength to look after eight children.

“My mom wrote me this nice Father’s Day letter, saying that she’s proud of me and how… she wrote me this long letter and I started crying on it, saying that she’s proud to be my mom and thank you for never really making her go through hard times,” he told BBC Radio 1.

will.i.am credits his mother for raising him to be a success.

The producer explained that his life could have turned out very differently because of the rough area he grew up in.

When asked if his mom was proud of him, he said it is actually the other way around.

“I’m so happy with the job my mom did [raising me]. She’s super-dope. She is super mom. I look at it like she’s got us out of the projects [because she raised us well], it was her plan,” he said. “I’m blessed because although I came from a very, very bad neighbourhood, I have a great family. The people I grew up with had a different outcome, they’re in prison or addicted to drugs. A lot of them aren’t alive anymore.”