Dolly Parton thinks a collaboration with Madonna and Lady Gaga would be “overkill”.

The country singer is regularly asked about recording a duet with Gaga. She isn’t sure when the rumour started and although she isn’t ruling anything out, Dolly isn’t sure their voices would work together.

“I’m open for anything. Nobody has asked me to do it, I haven’t pursued them. You never say never, it’s not something I’m going after. I think we’re all pretty different, Madonna and Lady Gaga,” she mused. “We’re all our own individual people, all of us outrageous, but whether than will come together – it might just be overkill!”

Dolly was discussing Madonna after being quizzed on her thoughts about the star baring her flesh on stage recently. The country legend is famed for her generous cleavage and sees nothing wrong with using it to her advantage.

“I’m not one to criticise how other people do their work. I’ve always showed mine off, just not completely. I just got to let mine speak for themselves,” she laughed to BBC Breakfast. “I think everybody has their own way of doing it. I guess shock value is good for some people and people expect Madonna to do what Madonna does. Same with Lady Gaga. They’re out there for that shock value and it’s worked for them.”

Dolly is promoting her stage show 9 To 5: The Musical, which is coming to the UK soon. She sang part of her famous hit which the production is named after, explaining how she came up with the melody.

“That’s how I wrote the song 9 to 5 was using my nails [clicking them together] because I thought it sounded like a typewriter. You gotta have those good acrylics though!” she laughed.