Keri Hilson says giving back to her community gave her “a sense of appreciation and humbleness”.

The singer is currently promoting Bing’s Summer of Doing campaign, which is aiming to encourage teenagers to get off their computers and be more active.

The R&B star explained that getting involved with civic causes and helping those less fortunate has taught her an important lesson.

“It gives your life a purpose and you may not realise that when you’re young, but it really does give you a sense of appreciation, a humbleness that you wouldn’t get if you weren’t being so selfless,” she told CNN.

Keri also revealed how she used to spend her spare time as a teenager.

Recalling her activities as a youth, the Atlanta-born star credited her mother with getting her involved in good causes in the local area.

“My mother was very integral in making sure that we understood the importance of giving back in our community,” Keri said. “In Decatur, we would feed the homeless many, many, many Saturdays. We had to wake up during the ungodly hours and pack their lunches in brown paper bags.”