The Transformers star gets very naked in a new clip from Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Ros.

The band recently released their Valtari album and are on their way to Australia for the Harvest Festival.

Now they’ve debuted a video for their song ‘Fjögur píanó’ starring the Transformers and Indiana Jones leading man very naked with an equally naked woman.

While I’m sure workplaces might frown on watching the video, it’s not salacious at all, despite the full frontal (or, truly, full side) nudity. The contemplative tune accompanies Shia and his woman gracefully dancing and body-painting in a bedroom, interpretative dancing in a car, literally swinging from a four-poster bed, and fighting.

The exploration of desire and addiction was by Alma Har’el, who won Best Documentary Feature at 2011’s Tribeca Film Festival for her first film ‘Bombay Beach’.

It certainly took some balls for a major Hollywood actor to appear in this kind of clip, not least for the acting job required of him. Plus, y’know, the ‘getting your balls out’ thing.

Check it out below. It should go without saying that it’s NSFW.

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