Kanye West reportedly wants to buy Kim Kardashian her dream home.

The couple have been dating for a couple of months although they have been friends for years. They recently set tongues wagging when they both put their homes on the market and it’s now been reported Kanye is willing to wait before buying a new home as he wants it to be perfect.

“They’re moving into a rental together until things are more settled,” a source explained. “Kanye wants to buy her a dream Californian mansion to start their marital life together and they’re shopping around already.”

The pair have even discussed having children together, something 31-year-old Kim is known to want. It’s thought their new property will need to have enough space for a family.

“They want a child-friendly place with a beautiful sunny room for a dream nursery,” the insider told National Enquirer.

“They’re so like-minded it’s almost weird – they agree on everything and are already starting to finish each other’s sentences, like they instinctively know what each other is thinking.”