Jordin Sparks has admitted her long distance romance with singer Jason Derülo is tough at times.

The pair have been dating for ten months and their schedules are hectic. They also live on opposite ends of America, with Jordin being based in Phoenix and Jason in Miami.

She told Star magazine that with her film Sparkle due out this summer and her growing music career it’s hard to see Jason.

“There is no time for us to do anything,” Jordin lamented to the publication.

“But it’s literally like distance makes the heart grow fonder, because I miss him and he misses me, and then we see each other it’s like, ahh!”

Jordin also agreed that their relationship is getting very serious.

“I wouldn’t be dating him if I didn’t see that,” she shared. “I see myself being with him for a long time. He could be [the one]. That’d be a nice catch.”

Jordin recently lost quite a few pounds and is in the best shape of her life.

“Jason and I work out together,” she said. “He drags me to the gym. That’s how I knew I really liked him, because I didn’t mind being all disgusting in front of him.”