Justin Bieber was shocked by the crazed fans in Norway during his performance weeks ago.

Justin was in the country to perform four new songs outside Oslo's famed opera house as part of his Around the World TV special, attracting fans from all over Europe.

Teenage girls were stampeding to get close to the 18-year-old heartthrob, as 14 youth had to be taken away for “emergency care” and 49 fans were injured.

Justin will never forget the experience.

“We got chased by boats,” he told Extra. “We were performing on the water, so fans’ boats were chasing our boat, like hundreds of boats.”

That same week, Justin sustained a mild concussion in Paris while performing.

“There was a glass behind the stage and I was coming off for water, and I kept walking and I walked right into the glass,” he recalled. “I tried to play it off, but I was like, ‘Whoa, that really hurt!’ I had one more song to play, Boyfriend. After my adrenaline was gone, I just fell out and passed out for like 15 seconds.”

Justin’s new album Believe will be released June 19.