Mark Wahlberg used to pretend to be a member of his brother’s band New Kids on the Block.

The actor recalled a dark time in his life when he was serving a prison sentence while his sibling Donnie toured the world with the popular ‘80s group.

The Fighter star was in the running to become a member of the band but his life took a different turn.

The Hollywood hunk added that he was mocked by his fellow inmates when he insisted he used to be part of NKOTB.

"I wind up going to jail and watching them [NKOTB] on TV, they're making millions," he told US chat show host David Letterman, adding he spent time in jail "for doing bad things”. “[I told my inmates] I was in that group [and they replied], ‘Well you're the dumbest motherf**ker ever, cause now you're in here!’"

Mark has since turned his life around and has become a huge success, but he revealed that there is still one thing missing.

The 41-year-old is currently working towards his high school qualifications and is intending to complete the course fast.

"I just wanna be able to blast through and do it," he said. "It's just a matter of getting back in there."