Ozzy Osbourne has joked his wife is the most "extravagant" thing he's ever bought.

The Black Sabbath singer is married to Sharon, and the pair have three children together. Ozzy and Sharon have a famously tumultuous yet loving relationship, and they regularly tease each other.

Ozzy has joked about how much Sharon is worth.

"My wife," he laughed to kerrang! magazine when asked what the most extravagant thing he's ever bought.

"Alright, a Ferrari, I bought it about a year ago. Am I a good driver? I'm c**p, but I've got a Ferrari! I passed my test in Los Angeles after about 19 f**king attempts!"

Ozzy is a seasoned performer. The 63-year-old star has revealed his craziest ever rider request.

"In the early days of Black Sabbath, we'd ask for champagne and turkey. When we were kids, we'd have turkey just once a year, on Christmas Day. We thought we'd hit the big time, having turkey every day, so we'd end up having huge f**king food fights!" he joked.