Simon Cowell is reportedly filled with condemnation for singer Jessie J.

The British producer and music mogul is incensed by comments Jessie, a judge on The Voice UK talent show, made months ago about his show The X Factor, saying the programme had lots of “gimmicks.”

Simon is said to have lost much respect for the star after she made those statements.

“Simon used to really rate Jessie, both as an artist and as a person. Now he can’t stand her,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

“He thinks her exploits during The Voice have killed off all credibility she had, not least when she slagged him off in interviews. Similarly, producers were livid about the comments she made about The X Factor, when she claimed the programme was gimmicky. She had performed on the show so everyone is fuming.”

Simon will cut ties with Jessie.

“Simon will never work with Jessie again. And the show’s execs feel she has made her BBC bed and must now lie in it,” the insider explained. “She wanted to plug her new single on this year’s X Factor but Simon has said ‘no’.”