Beth Ditto “wouldn’t buy” a Gossip album unless she had seen a live performance.

The star is the lead singer of the US band. She loves taking to the stage to entertain crowds and insists the group’s songs sound best when they are live.

“I wouldn’t buy our records if I hadn’t seen us live first,” she admitted to the latest UK edition of Elle. “Gossip is a band you want to go and see.”

Gossip recently released their record A Joyful Noise and Beth is confident the material will be a hit with music fans. While other acts are happy to produce just a handful of hits for each LP, her band wants every track to stand out.

“We’ve made an album of songs,” she explained. “So many albums are a couple of singles, then filler.”

A Joyful Noise was produced by Xenomania founder Brian Higgins.

He has previously worked with stars such as Kylie Minogue and Beth was thrilled to have his input on Gossip’s new album.

“What a great thing for us to have worked with that talent,” she gushed. “We’ve come a long way, baby!”