Janet Jackson admits that she tries to “stay away from the scale” as much as possible.

The 46-year-old NutriSystem spokeswoman lost a lot of weight on the dieting programme recently.

Although Janet is delighted with her new toned figure, the star confesses that she has no idea what she actually weighs.

“I don't know how much weight I've lost, only because I stay away from the scale,” Janet told People magazine. “I don't think [stepping on the scale] is healthy. You're setting yourself up to fail and women's bodies fluctuate every month – certain time of the month in particular – we bloat a great deal.”

Janet is conscious of what she eats, but she refuses to ascribe to an excessively restrictive diet.

The star is happy with the NutriSystem approach to weight loss.

“It works, point blank,” she said. “You don't have to starve yourself getting there. I love caramel apples! NutriSystem doesn't have that, so that's probably my cheat food. I go out to dinner with friends [too], but then I just get back on it. It's about maintenance.”