Animal Collective announce Centipede Hz with album trailer

US indie experimentalists Animal Collective announce their new album Centipede Hz with a trippy trailer.

The quartet of psych-rock nutters have been releasing music here and there over the past few years under their altaregos Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Geologist and Deakin, but this is the first album together since their 2009 breakthrough Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Animal Collective have previewed the song titles (and possibly some of the artwork) in a mind-bending digital freak-out teaser trailer.

In case you don’t want your brain rewired, the titles are ‘Moonjock’, ‘Today’s Supernatural’, ‘Rosie Oh’, ‘Applesauce’, ‘Wide Eyed’, ‘Father Time’, ‘New Town Burnout’, ‘Monkey Riches’, ‘Mercury Man’, ‘Pulleys’ and ‘Amanita’.

Centipede Hz will be released on August 31 in Australia and September 3 in the US through Domino Records. Check out the buzzy, technicolour trailer below.