After 8 weeks, the search for the 2012 winner of Britain's Got Talent is nearly over...people of the UK, get ready for one of the biggest shows of the year. It's the grand final of BGT.

First up on this much anticipated show was The Mend.

The wildcard wouldn't have had much chance to rehearse for this but they did a great job. Watch out for these guys. Ones to watch for 2012 and beyond.

Second up was singer/songwriter Sam Kelly, a likeable lad with a fantastic talent. The pop world will be busy with BGT stars this year, as Sam is another one to watch. Brilliant.

Whoever followed these two had a lot to live up too.

Get the ear plugs's time for Nu Sxool.

Fantastic dancers, great choreography and adorable kids.

Molly 'you remind me of a young Mariah Carey' Rainford was up next. Wow, what a singer this young girl is. Somebody sign her NOW.

Four down, seven to go.

The Loveable Rogues became even more loveable tonight, I would buy their album tomorrow...although they did seem to have an invisible drummer! On a serious note. This time next year the lads will have had a top five hit. I promise.

I hope their time on BGT really opens doors for Kai & Natalia, the best ballroom dancers I have seen outside of Strictly. Len, give these two a job on the next series...Seven.

Get the armbands ready, it's Aquabatique. I admire these girls because I am not a huge fan of deep water, also throw in doing a routine, then I am in total awe of what they do. Well done girls.

Ryan O'Shaughnessy is not my usual kind of act, but you believe every single word this guy saying and that is to his total credit. Good luck Ryan.

I have backed a lot of Welsh people to great success (ahem, Sophie Evans) and let me tell you for passion and hard work, they take some beating. They may not be a Midas act, but Only Boys Aloud join that special list. World class.

Advert break.... Don't you see some of the best ads through these show? I didn't know half this stuff existed.

Anyway, back to the Final.

Up next, the most talked about dog in Britain and of course Pudsey would be nothing without the brilliant Ashleigh.

That was blooming amazing, what an act this is. It is one of the best things I have ever seen on British television. Remember this night. A star was born, whatever the result.

I am proud to say they are a Midas act.

Last up on a fantastic final were Jonathan & Charlotte.

This has to be one of the best ever BGT Finals I have seen. These two are simply perfection. Top two at least or there is something seriously wrong with people's ears.

Right, that is it. Up next. The result and boy it's hard to call.

But while we wait let's enjoy the ultimate best dance group, Diversity. They are still phenomenal. Even better than their recent tour and that was class...phew this whole country is just amazing.

Susan Boyle was as good as she always is and David Walliams joining the Showbears was priceless.

It's now result time...and this is so close to call.

In third place is Only Boys Aloud.

The top two are Ashleigh and Pudsey and Jonathan and Charlotte.

The winner of Britain's Got Talent 2012 is...Ashleigh and Pudsey.

So that is it, sorry to repeat myself but this was the best year ever. Well done to Simon and the team. Phenomenal.

Roll on 2013.