Jordin Sparks has recalled trying to mimic songs by Whitney Houston as a child.

The two singers star alongside each other in the upcoming movie Sparkle, which Whitney filmed before her death in February.

In an interview with Collider before the icon passed but just made public, Jordin described her reaction when she learnt she was working alongside the music icon.

“OK. So, as a singer, Whitney is - she’s like, through the atmosphere,” she told Collider.

“She is just somebody that you aspire to want to sing like. I remember with Whitney and Mariah [Carey] and everybody, just trying to mimic them singing.

“And I knew [Whitney] was executive producing, so I already knew she was going to be involved in the project and that I’d see her around, and I’d be able to say hi. And then I heard that she was going to be playing my mom, and I was just like, ‘Could this get any better?!’ So it’s been so exciting.”

Jordin had a blast with the I Will Always Love You singer on the film set. She expects fans to love the movie.

“It’s just been so fun to be around her for the past two weeks,” she said while shooting.

“We’ve done a lot of scenes together, and she is so funny. She’s definitely going to make a lot of people happy.

“She has a ton, millions upon millions of fans, and I think they’re going to be very happy to see how she is in this movie, as well as the people who doubt that she’ll be able to do it.”

Sparkle is a remake of a 1976 movie of the same name and is due for release later this year. It follows the story of three teenage sisters who form their own music group.