Beth Ditto says her fiancée “stopped everything” to support her music.

The lead singer of Gossip has opened up about her relationship with Kristin Ogata, who she plans to wed by next April.

The 31-year-old says their partnership is fuss-free compared to her relationship with transgender man Freddie Fagula.

"I started to date Freddie when I was 19, he was seven years older and when I dumped him, at 28, we had evolved in different ways,” she explained to French magazine Elle.

“We left each other and I immediately started to date my best friend. I had known her since I was 18. It's absolutely amazing between us. She was studying and was a waitress at the same time and she stopped everything.

“It seems a little bit crazy but in fact it is the ideal situation for me, she was with me on tour. With Freddie, we were separated for more than a month sometimes and it was awful. I felt as if I was meeting a stranger each time and had to start everything from the beginning again."

Beth and Kristen live together in Portland, Oregon. The voluptuous star feels right at home living in the area.

"Over there it's cool, it's cheap, you have fat girls, gay people, fat gay girls, I feel normal,” she said.

"I've got three bathrooms, a fire place and all the rooms are painted in pastel. It looks really like a granny house. I'm so happy to have my own home sweet home.”