Rolling Stones tickets for a Berlin date in September are currently being advertised through The Guardian newspaper’s website in the UK.

The site has a ‘Buy tickets for top events’ section featuring the date September 1, 2012 at Olympiastadion, Berlin for a Rolling Stones show. The ad looks legitimate but the official website for Olympiastadion does not list the date.

The Rolling Stones have been closely guarding their 50th anniversary plans although Mick Jagger will host the season finale of Saturday Night Live next weekend in New York.

That in itself is interesting, with word that the other Stones travelled to New York this weekend. Speculation is the Rolling Stones will perform on the final Saturday Night Live next week. (Noise11 gives it a 51/49 chance).

The Stones have been very quiet considering the 50th came and went last month without a murmur.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones first played together in April, 1962. The Rollin’ Stones first gig was in June, 1962. Bill Wyman joined the band in December, 1962. Charlie Watts joined in January, 1963.

Keith Richards has publically acknowledged January as being the Rolling Stones real anniversary month.

Later this year, the Stones will release a 50th anniversary documentary.

All may be revealed next weekend when Saturday Night Live goes to air.