The Wanted are often shocked by the lengths their fans to go show their love.

The British boyband - comprising of Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes - are currently enjoying international success with their EP The Wanted.

The group toured with Justin Bieber briefly and witnessed fans do bizarre things to capture their attention.

“One girl entirely covered herself in [blue] body paint because I’m a fan of Avatar. She was fully Na’vi’d out,” Jay shared.

Nathan experienced a more sweet exchange.

“I was given a pack of playing cards: ’52 reasons why I love you.’ ” he shared. “It was from a fan who was about [eight-years-old].”

The group is often exposed to a lot of screaming girls. Nathan believes his boyish looks attract the least adulation from mature fans.

“I’m very lazy, so it takes quite a while to make me look acceptable,” he joked. “It depends on what age [the fans] are. If they’re legal, [they’re] probably not [into] me!”

Siva, 23, also has an affinity for older ladies.

“[My dream girls is] Jessica Alba with the sauciness of Halle Berry,” he shared.