The hit singer Jason Mraz, currently at Number 2 in the UK album charts, has written an exclusive blog for The Huffington Post UK in which he reflects upon a moment of enlightenment he experienced on his trip to Antarctica with Al Gore earlier this year to learn about the ‘stark realities of climate change’.

The singer said ‘This past February, 2012, on the day after the Superbowl, I achieved enlightenment...The experience on the airplane, somewhere over the Amazon rainforest, was no different. I saw how every stitch of every seat was perfectly crafted. I marveled at the tight, seamless connection of the pressurized cabin and recognized it as Art, inspired by engineers, brothers, husbands, sons, and all their thorough hands and genius hearts’.

‘The first time I experienced it [enlightenment] was in a bath tub in New York City... For no reason to my knowledge I suddenly saw how every tile surrounding the tub was made, manufactured, and grouted with love. I saw how the plumbing was only made possible by a plumber who either loved his job or his family, enabling him to do such a fine job connecting the pipes from below the city streets all the way up to the 23rd floor where I was pruning in the tub’.

He continued ‘In nature we are reminded of that which we really are. Nature. A piece of the Earth itself. Which is part of the larger universe. And in that place we’re reminded that we are billions of years old, if not older. Even wiser.’