Lady Gaga and her mom can’t resist re-enacting her duet with Beyoncé Knowles.
The superstar singer has hit the road with her latest world tour, the Born This Way Ball.
Gaga has a soft spot for her single Telephone – which she recorded with Beyoncé in 2010. She admits that when her cell phone rings, she often belts out the tune – and her mom loves to join in too.
“Is it wrong that sometimes when people call me, I break out into Telephone, my mom always does Beyonce's part (sic),” she tweeted on Wednesday.
Gaga is currently in South Korea, where she is scheduled to take to the stage on Friday.
She will perform 110 dates around the world to promote her latest album Born This Way.
The star is known for her eccentric outfits and shocking stage shows and has been warned to tone down her show to avoid offending fans in Muslim countries.
Gaga is set to perform in Indonesia on June 3 and she has been told her risqué behaviour will not be tolerated in the country.
"I call on Lady Gaga to respect our cultural and traditional values. Most people here are Muslims and we cannot tolerate her revealing outfits and sexy performances," Indonesia Ulema Council leader Amidhan told AFP. "It's better for Lady Gaga to cancel her show in this country if she has no willingness to respect our demand. Please do not destroy our nation's morality and ruin our dignity."
Big Daddy, who are promoting the concert in Jakarta, insist they have addressed the issue with the singer’s team.
"We have informed Lady Gaga's management [about these concerns], and they said that they will respect the country where she will perform", said Hanny Marpaung, corporate secretary for Big Daddy.
However, he admitted that they “still don't have any clue" what Gaga is planning to wear.
The 26-year-old star has promised her fans that the Born This Way Ball tour will be the best concert she has ever performed.
"I will perform the tour of your life if it f**king kills me (sic)," she wrote on Twitter.