In May Asian Dub Foundation perform a live score for one of the most provocative, raw and relevant films made about urban youth, LA HAINE.

The screenings presented by,The Other Cinema, from the creators of Secret Cinema, will premiere on the eve of the Mayoral election in London on 2nd of May and the eve of the Presidential elections in France on 5th May.

Following the highly successful launch with David Lean's “Brief Encounter” in February where 5,000 attended in 6 different cities, The Other Cinema is now launching its groundbreaking new project worldwide. Global screenings of “La Haine” will feature throughout May as part of The Other Cinema network.

The Cinema’s production of “La Haine” will premiere on the 2nd of May with a free production for all local residents at Broadwater Farm in Tottenham. It will also take place in a huge network of screenings worldwide on the same night run by local partners. On 4th May, this production will come to the Troxy in Limehouse followed by a premiere screening in Paris on 5th May at Trianon.

The Other Cinema will employ young people from Broadwater Farm to work on the screening and support them to continue running The Other Cinema in their local communities.

Asian Dub Foundation, the Mercury Prize-nominated British electronica band, will compose a live score for the film screening in London and Paris from 2nd – 5th May. Since 2001, the band has performed more than 20 live-scored productions of ‘La Haine’, from London to Sydney, whose performances have been heralded as an “emotional steamroller-coaster ride of music and film” and “a righteous mixture of punk, dub reggae, rap and clench-fist political commitment which find a cross-channel reflection in La Haine.” This will be Asian Dub Foundation’s first live-score of ‘La Haine’ in Paris.

Location / Date:
Tickets available through Ticketline for London and Paris screenings
Tottenham, London – 2nd May at Broadwater Farm Community Centre (FREE screening for community)
Limehouse, London – 4th May at Troxy ( £17.50 concession)
Paris, France – 5th May at Trianon / €27 / 24 / 22)

Broadwater Farm Community Centre (Adams Road, Tottenham, London N17 6HE)
The Troxy (490 Commercial Road, London E1 0HX)
Trianon (80 Boulevard de Rochechouart 75018 Paris)