Courtney Love’s daughter is said to be talking to lawyers in an effort to ban her mother from discussing her in public.

The Hole frontwoman recently took to Twitter to claim that Dave Grohl – who was in Nirvana with her late husband Kurt Cobain – had “hit on” her 19-year-old daughter Frances Bean.

Both Frances and Dave were quick to shoot down the claims, with Courtney eventually returning to the social networking website to apologise to her daughter.

Courtney and Frances have a famously turbulent relationship and it’s reported that the teenager is now considering ways of ensuring her mother can never discuss rumours about her again.

“The Hole singer’s daughter is not in a forgiving mood,” an insider told Chicago Sun-Times. “In fact, my sources tell me Cobain, 19, even has consulted her attorneys - seeking any way she can keep her mother from publicly commenting on her personal life.”

Frances took out a restraining order against her mother in 2009, with her leaked testimony later revealing she had accused her mother of taking drugs and causing the death of family pets due to hoarding belongings.

It seems their latest falling out could be the last straw for the teenager.

“[It] is likely the end - at least for Bean,” another source told the publication. “She’s done with Courtney. Can you blame her?”