Kanye West has splashed out £30,000 on a romantic holiday to woo Kim Kardashian.

The rapper is planning to take the reality TV star to St. Lucia for a week. He is pulling out all the stops to ensure she is impressed and has even hired a masseuse as well as a private chef to cook Kim’s favourite dishes.

“Kanye knows Kim is used to staying in luxury but wanted to top everything she’s experienced. Money is no object, he wants the best of everything,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “He’s planning some romantic evenings and is relying on his chef to knock out some amazing seafood dishes to get them in the mood.”

The pair will stay in a luxury bungalow in the Soufriere resort on the idyllic Caribbean island. Kanye wants to make sure they can enjoy themselves without being disturbed, and they will be protected by five security guards.

This will be the first time Kanye and Kim have taken a holiday together and the music star wants to make sure everything is perfect.

They are believed to have been dating for the past few weeks and Kim will reportedly join Kanye on his UK tour with Jay-Z next month.

Kanye has made no secret of his feelings for 31-year-old Kim.

The star declared his love for the beauty in his new song Theraflu, which also takes a swipe at Kim’s estranged husband Kris Humphries.

The basketball star was dining in New York City on Wednesday and did his best to ignore the track when it was played at the Dream Downtown hotel restaurant.

“Spies saw Humphries furiously texting on his phone as the song played, but a friend insisted he was merely messaging a friend to join them,” reports New York Post.

In Theraflu, Kanye taunts Kris who plays for Jay-Z’s team the New Jersey Nets.

"I'll admit, I fell in love with Kim/ Round the same time she fell in love with him/ Well, that's cool, baby girl, do your thang," he raps on the track. "Lucky I didn't have Jay drop him from the team."