Reelin' in the Years Productions has turned out some of the best rock documentaries of the last couple of years has reached an agreement to represent and license over 2,000 hours of The Merv Griffin Show dating from October 1962 to September 1986. The footage includes over 5,000 guest appearances including those of numerous music artists.

Included in the archive are interviews with four presidents, hundreds of Hollywood and sports stars, routines by some of the great comedians and performances from music artists ranging from Devo to Aretha Franklin with Andrew Lloyd Weber, Marvin Gaye, The Bee Gees and Johnny Cash.

Commenting on the The Merv Griffin Show archive, Reelin’ In The Years founder and president David Peck stated, “Representing The Merv Griffin Show is truly a great honor. Of course, the archive is one of the most prestigious in all of television and the holdings are nothing short of incredible in terms of being both historically relevant and entertaining. Many of the most important names in the fields of music, entertainment, politics, sports, fashion and literature are part of this monumental archive. My company has long specialized in music footage, but with the addition of The Merv Griffin Show archive, we’re excited to branch out and represent footage of all of the great guests that appeared on the program - many of whom helped shape the culture of America and the modern world."

Here is a seven minute compilation of appearances from the show including performances by Screaming Jay Hawkins, Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Blue Oyster Cult and, in her television debut, Whitney Houston. There are also appearances by Phil Spector, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Bobby Kennedy, George Carlin and more.

Reelin' in the Years has released such acclaimed DVD's as The Hollies: Look Through Any Window 1963-1975, Dusty Springfield: Once Upon a Time 1964-1969, Small Faces: All or Nothing 1965-1968, The Legacy of Otis Redding, The American Folk Blues Festivals and Ray Charles Live in France 1961. They also represent the music performances from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The Jack Benny Show and 44 years of Bob Hope specials.