Nicki Minaj is determined to “conquer the world”, according to a top music producer.

The star has worked with some of the biggest names in the business on her new record Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, among them RedOne. He was delighted when he found out she wanted to collaborate, especially as she is still so hungry for success.

“She just feels that she wants to conquer the world,” he told MTV News.

RedOne has worked with Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez before but approaches every artist differently. He thinks about their sound before he starts work as he doesn’t want to force a style on anyone.

“The combination of her, myself and my team gave this music,” he explained. “It's a perfect combination for her next step and thank God it's working all over the world. She's charting everywhere.”

Nicki’s latest single Starships was produced by RedOne and has done well in America and around the globe. It is a pop/dance anthem but not all the tracks he was involved with are like that.

He is particularly proud of Pound the Alarm, which comes after Starships on the record.

“It's got the pop element, but it's got some hard-core elements, some dance underground elements," he said. "It's the perfect follow-up, to me.”