Sting climbed on a chair and “wiggled” his bum in an effort to boost bids at a charity auction.

The British singer offered a prize at an event to raise money for his organisation the Rainforest Fund this week. The lot allowed the highest bidder to see Sting in concert and he went all out to ensure it fetched a high price.

“Sting hopped up on a chair Tuesday night and began to wiggle,” reports New York Post.
His unusual moves went down well with guests, especially the females. One woman was heard exclaiming: “Look at that booty shake!”

Eventually the lot was sold for $23,000, much to the delight of Sting.

The event was held at the exclusive The Pierre hotel in New York City, after a special concert also in honour of the organisation at Carnegie Hall.

Tom Hanks was in attendance and had his own lot to promote. He offered to record a voicemail message for the highest bidder and was so determined to raise big bucks he even ran on to the stage to talk it up.

“I’ll do your whole menu,” he joked. “Press 1 for Parts and Service! Press 2 for Speedy Delivery.”

The actor then promised to speak in any voice required – including either of the ones he used in Forrest Gump or Toy Story. Eventually the offering raised $26,000.

Stars who attended the auction included Aretha Franklin, Clive Davis, Jennifer Hudson and Bruno Mars.

Sir Elton John was also there, fresh from a one-of-a-kind performance at the concert beforehand which saw him gyrating on stage alongside Channing Tatum.

“I am accustomed to humiliating myself, and this year is no exception,” he laughed, before launching into a rendition of Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

The charity helps indigenous people who have been affected by the destruction of rainforests.