Ashlee Simpson is moving to New York City to be with her boyfriend.

The singer-and-actress is dating Vincent Piazza, who she’s been with for around nine months. While she is based in Los Angeles Vincent works in the Big Apple, so Ashlee has decided to make some changes to they don’t have to have a long-distance romance.

“Ashlee is completely smitten with Vincent, and she’s willing to pull up roots to be with him. They’re already talking about marriage and even having a baby together,” a source told National Enquirer.

“Since Ashlee doesn’t have a firm work commitment in LA right now, it makes sense that she would make the move, not him.”

Although Ashlee’s family are supporting her decision, her sister Jessica Simpson is said to be struggling. She is expecting her first child with her fiancé Eric Johnson in the next few weeks and had hoped that Ashlee, 27, would be on hand to lend her some help.

“Ashlee took Jessica aside and squealed, ‘I’m moving to New York City!’ Ashlee expected congratulations, but instead Jessica almost burst into tears,” the insider explained. “Jessica doesn’t want her baby sister to go.”

Ashlee has three-year-old son Bronx with her ex-husband Pete Wentz.