Russell Brand will not fight for the marital home he shared with Katy Perry.

According to TMZ, the British comic has “surrendered his interest” in the $6.5 million property they bought together in the Hollywood Hills. It has been reported that Russell is eager to move on and has agreed to a property settlement with the American singer.

“TMZ got hold of a quitclaim deed that Russell filed in L.A. ... giving Katy all rights to the $6.5 million house - lock, stock and barrel,” reports the website.

In January it was reported that Russell had agreed to move out of the Hollywood Hills mansion. Removal vans were spotted taking away the actor’s belongings.

The property was bought just months before Russell filed for divorce in December last year.

His latest moves fuels speculation that he isn’t interested in taking any of Katy’s money.

As her spouse for 14 months, the 36-year-old was entitled to around $20 million of the pop star’s fortune.

However, the pair are believed to be determined to remain on good terms despite the split and won’t contest each other’s earnings during the union.

Last week, Russell revealed that he doesn’t “hold on” to negative feelings and has found yoga a huge help following the breakdown of his marriage.

Meanwhile, Katy is currently preparing for her first performance in India.

Although the 27-year-old feels a close connection to the country and is thrilled to be there, she is battling jet lag.

The long journey to India has left her so exhausted that she can barely keep her eyes open during mealtimes.

“Almost fell asleep in my curry last night, no joke. Woke up feeling SO much better after a fresh meditate...feels appropriate being in INDIA (sic),” Katy wrote on her Twitter account on Tuesday.

The singer admitted she had found it tough to adjust to the new time zone on Monday.

“Sometimes Jet lag makes me feel like a cross eyed crack head#muststayawake,” she tweeted. “After what felt like longest flight ever I'm finally here! Honored 2 play CHENNAI 2morrow! This is my 1ST performance in INDIA!#thankuINDIA (sic).”