Backstreet Boys’ Howie D “can’t wait” for fans to see the band’s new cinema cast.

The pop group and New Kids on the Block are taking part in a ground-breaking show from London which will be screened to cinemas across Europe.

Howie of the Backstreet Boys is looking forward to fans seeing the live show on April 29.

“It’s so exciting to know that even though we weren’t able to bring our show to certain places in Europe our fans will still have the opportunity to experience it like they were there,” he exclaimed in a statement.

“We can’t wait for everyone to see the show!”

The event will be the shown in over 300 hundred cinemas in the UK & Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

ABC Entertainment and Livebeats are co-producing the event. Frank Volpe, who is coordinating the cinema cast says the pop groups were a joy to work with, and hopes the event will highlight the new experience of cinema-going.

“Working with New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys is such a perfect opportunity to reach out to markets that already clearly enjoy the cinema experience and will highlight this ground-breaking development as a route all bands and artists will have the opportunity to embrace in the next ten years,” he said of the event.