Green Day are back in the studio and they’ve posted yet another mash-up teaser video online.

The platinum punks from Green Day headed back into the studio on Valentine’s Day this year to start recording the follow-up to 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown.

The band have been busying themselves with American Idiot: The Musical and a seemingly never-ending world tour in the intervening years.

But they revealed they were writing new material towards the end of the tour, and subsequently released the live CD/DVD package Awesome As Fuck to polish off the tour.

Mid last year they played a full set of fifteen new songs, and now they’re laying some of them down.

They’ve been sneaking out snippets from the studio in the meantime, and they’ve just released another teaser on YouTube.

Green Day should be finished by mid-year, as they’ve already lined up European festival shows for August and September.

Check out a taste of the latest silliness below and head to their YouTube channel for more.