Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg team up on new song ‘Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die’.

These pot-loving rascals have teamed up before, Nelson appearing on Snoop’s Doggumentary track ‘Superman’. Snoop appears on a track, and Nelson also has Merle Haggard, Lukas Nelson and Sheryl Crow in as guests.

Snoop said of the collaboration, “I fell in love with his music as a kid. Willie’s got long hair with braids, he likes to do the herbal essence. So it was natural for me and him to come together.”

They join forces on the self-explanatory ‘Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die’, which was almost destined to be the title track to Willie’s new album.

Nelson said: “We were going to name the album that title, but we decided there might be a couple more conservative outlets out there that wouldn’t appreciate it.”

So the album will be titled Heroes and will hit stores on May 14.