Black Eyed Peas star Fergie says she’s loving being off tour and has become a lot more domesticated.

The 37-year-old recently celebrated her three-year wedding anniversary with husband Josh Duhamel.

She told television cook Rachel Ray that she and her beau have been cooking up some meals together.

“Yeah, we love it,” she said of their culinary activities. “We get in the kitchen and we’re not Rachael Ray, but we have fun. He can cook a mean lasagna.”

“I love touring and performing don't get me wrong, it's in my blood, in my veins, it runs through it.

“But, you know, doing it for eight years in a row, just sleeping in different beds, in different time zones, there's not much of a structure, and so it's nice to come home and be a wife and get to start to decorate my house and do all of those things.”

And with a less strenuous schedule, Fergie says she is also getting more into a workout routine and a diet that allows some treats.

“Low-calorie vodka cocktails, yes,” she said of her alcohol of choice. “But also I work out four times a week, and you know, I get bored, so like I hike outside and I walk uphill to squeeze those glutes, put on music, jump rope, with a double sports bra, yeah, double sports bra is key for the jump rope, and a bathroom nearby. Keep it interesting - that's the key. Gotta have music.”

And for when she wants to indulge she heads for a Mexican favourite.

“Amy's Enchiladas, with cheddar cheese,” she shared. “So I'm thinking OK, I can have it, it's got the beans and the corn inside. Well, not when you add four pieces of your own sharp cheddar cheese slices on the top, and put it in the microwave! So yeah, that's definitely a cheat for me and something that I did last week a couple times.”