Lenny Kravitz says listening to Sir Mick Jagger sing karaoke was the “best moment of [his] life”.

The multi-award winning musician has never taken to the microphone to partake in the popular entertainment activity.

Despite that, Lenny has described being blown away after hearing legendary performer Mick take to the stage while warming up his vocal cords.

“I’ve never done karaoke. I’ve never done it. Isn’t that weird? I’ll tell you my favourite karaoke moment, which is not karaoke per se. I was on vacation with Mick Jagger once, several years ago. He was on a world tour. This is what we do. The throat is a muscle. So if you’re touring, you have to build up the strength of your voice. Now all of a sudden if you have a month off and you don’t sing, that first show, you’re gonna not be happening. And you might get hoarse, and it f**ks up the whole next leg of the tour,” he explained to Collider.

“So you have to keep singing. We were having dinner and he said, ‘Lenny, excuse me, I’ll be back in about 45 minutes.’ So he goes downstairs and all of a sudden I’m hearing Brown Sugar. And I’m hearing Mick.

“He had a band tape of Stones with no vocals that they would record at sound check, right? He’s doing Mick Jagger karaoke downstairs, and I’m listening to this. I was like, ‘This is the best moment of my life.’”

Lenny feels blessed by his accomplishments in the music industry. The singer-songwriter has revealed which awards stand out more than his others.

“I’m proud of the four Grammys that I got in a row because no one has done that,” he smiled.

“It was four in a row for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. And I think the record was two in a row.”