Fergie is happy to spend her time “nesting at home” after spending years on the road.

Last November the 36-year-old Black Eyed Peas singer and her band members Will.i.am, apl.de.ap, and Taboo announced that they were going on indefinite hiatus.

Fergie is happy with their decision to take a break after touring non-stop for nearly a decade.

The songstress feels rejuvenated by being immersed in life at home.

“I love being on break. I'm getting to do things I really didn't have the capacity to do on tour,” Fergie told MTV News. “I get more structure at home, I get more time with family, with my husband, with my dogs. I'm still cleaning out my closet, getting to decorate my house, just nesting. I love it.”

While Fergie isn’t performing the singer is diving into her other enterprises. She is preparing to release her third fragrance and is also working on a shoe line.

“I'm more focusing on my other things, like my shoe line, I'm designing for that,” Fergie explained. “I'm really getting to work from home, and I'm loving it. Having all these creative juices flowing into more girly things and visual and things like that for me.”

Fergie won’t be releasing a new record anytime soon, but she still has a lot of time for composing.

“I'm always writing, but there's no current plans for a solo record or a Black Eyed Peas record,” she said. “I was on tour for eight years. My brain's not really there right now. It's kind of just a machine that kept on moving with no signs of stopping. Finally, it's break time.”